SS 4

Standard 4: Knowledge of economic concepts (including productivity and the market system) and principles (including the laws of supply and demand)

Concept E: The role of technology in changing the U.S. economy from an agricultural economy to an industrial economy

Grade Level Expectation SS4 1.6: Assess the role of technology in our economy and how the economy has changed from an agricultural economy to an industrial economy

Original Instruction: Previously, I think the best way I would have tried to engage students might have been by arranging an educational experience at a local museum that could highlight various technological innovations from years past, especially as they relate to becoming an industrial economy.

Original Assessment: Some sort of participation guide while students were at the museum would have been likely, plus a writing assignment following the museum experience. This piece could have been selected by students as part of their portfolio.

Revised Instruction: A museum visit can still be a valuable experience, but I’ve come to realize an entirely different angle on this issue. After a couple centuries as an industrial economy, much of our current economy operates on the basis not of what “widget” you can produce, but on what you know. The Industrial Revolution is increasingly giving way to a Knowledge Revolution. This revolution is fueled largely by the Internet. Thus, I would create a WebQuest for students to engage in current discussions on this topic. I would expose them to thinkers like Seth Godin.

Revised Assessment: I would certainly think here would be another good place to use a rubric for assessment of various aspects of student participation in the unit. However, I might take it one step further and allow some negotiation by students as to what the rubric would assess (Student-generated Rubrics, n.d.). I would have to find a way to make the rubric criteria comparable across all classes I teach, so fairness is not an issue.


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