SS 3

Standard 3: Knowledge of continuity and change in the history of Missouri and the United States

Concept D: Perspectives on the American Revolution

Grade Level Expectation SS3 3.6: Interpret the American Revolution, including the perspectives of patriots and loyalists, and factors that explain why the American colonists were successful

Original Instruction: Outside of textbook readings and class discussions, I would most likely have supplemented this topic (as with most war-related subjects… it’s not my strong point) with videos from sources like the History Channel.

Original Assessment: Students would have earned credit for attentiveness during the videos, perhaps by turning in notes for a completion grade. Additionally, they would have taken tests over factual knowledge and some critical thinking.

Revised Instruction: Using a chat room or forum software (similar to the OLS at University of Phoenix), students would devise a character that was either a loyalist, a patriot, or a British soldier, and log in to a discussion online about the events we study in class. This type of software is available as a plugin with blogging platforms such as WordPress.

Revised Assessment: Taking a page right out of the UPX playbook, students would be assessed on their participation in the discussion/debate by how many days in the unit calendar they post to the forum. I realize this requires Internet access at home, but I would work with any families that do not have it to allow full participation. Also, ameliorating the concern over privacy would be the fact that the online persona would be entirely fictional. Students would have to “claim” ownership of their characters offline to receive proper credit.

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