I am Andrew Burden, the tallest leprechaun in the world and certainly the oldest and tallest 6th grader you’ll ever meet. Welcome to my life.

The one thing I hope defines, shapes, and informs everything else about me is that I am seeking to follow God in the way of Jesus. That one statement changes every relationship, every context, every activity. Instead of merely finding some gal to marry, I also found a partner in ministry. Instead of just hanging out with kids, which I’ve always enjoyed, I see every interaction as an opportunity to invest in the next generation’s potential to radically influence the world with kingdom priorities. That goes for not only what I do as a youth leader, but also as a teacher and community member. Whatever I do to earn a paycheck, I believe all work is sacred to God and has intrinsic value in His design.

I am quite a bundle of interests. The term “jack of all trades, master of quite a few” seems apt. I’ve always loved music, especially singing. Slide open the “music” panel above to hear some of my songs, dating back to when I was about 13. I have discovered I am apparently pretty good at creating video content, particularly for our student ministries. Click the “video” panel and head over to my website for some samples. I love being with kids/students/young people. Guess my degrees in psychology and education may come in handy. I was a volunteer youth leader for nearly 20 years, primarily with 6th-8th grade students, until we took a long-overdue “sabbatical.” What’s funny is I think I’d be as happy as a pig in slop if I could make a career about any of these (music, video, working with kids). Oh, to be able to somehow combine all three!

Let’s see, what else? I love to read, as well as listen to nonfiction spoken word like audiobooks and podcasts. Those complement my 19,000+ music tracks, many of which I listen to while I lift weights or run. In fact, I’m training for my first half marathon on May 12.

I’m Irish. Well, Irish enough. Enough that it’s what I claim.

Random fact: I’ve dislocated the same arm at least six times (possibly seven – I may have blocked one out). I also separated the same shoulder, so I’m a little lopsided in the frame.

I’d love to hear your story too. Open up the “connect” panel and find me on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and even LinkedIn. See you soon!